Investing with purpose and impact

Our three-pronged approach to achieve purpose and impact: 

  1. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework integrates ESG considerations into Heritas Capital’s investment processes.
  2. Impact goals and drivers identify select UN SDGs in alignment with key drivers of impactful change to quantifiably measure the impact of our investments.
  3. Heritas Cares, our impact-in-action platform initiative for impactful collaborations with our portfolio companies and stakeholders to benefit our communities.

Our ESG framework

We believe ESG integration is a journey. Our framework involves processes from pre-investment to post-investment, to continuously create and enhance an ever improving, evolutionary learning experience for all stakeholders.


Screen potential investments against exclusion list to avoid exposure to companies that are considered controversial.


Review ESG risks and opportunities as part of due diligence during pre-investment phase.


Ongoing monitoring and mitigation of ESG risks while creating positive impact through active engagement with portfolio companies/funds.


Actively review existing processes and seek to adopt best practices.

Our impact goals and drivers

We invest into high impact sectors in line with select United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Shifting Consciousness, Raising Awareness

Our investments aim to support individuals and businesses to deconstruct problems and re-perceive situations, thereby shifting individual and collective consciousness towards sustainable solutions.

Improving Lives and Livelihoods

Our investments aim to identify and support ready-to-scale solutions that enhance access to affordable and quality healthcare, education and employment, hence raising quality of life for local communities across the region in collaboration with like-minded stakeholders.

Protecting The Environment

Our investments aim to identify and support ready-to-scale sustainable solutions focused on reducing waste and regenerate resources, where initial economics has proven to be viable and there are clear pathways for scaling adoption with efficient capex spend.

Catalysing Market Developments

Our investments aim to align and partner with like-minded investors and stakeholders collaboratively towards catalysing wider market developments supportive of sustainable solutions, to create greater impact than any one party can achieve, alone.

Heritas Cares: Impact-in-action platform initiative

Heritas Cares is an impact-in-action platform initiative by Heritas Capital to raise awareness of unmet social needs and to catalyse positive impact to the community.

We do this through partnerships with our portfolio companies for the benefit of the local communities in which we operate. Heritas Cares hopes to shift collective consciousness and catalyse many more of our stakeholders to create bigger impact, together.

Find out more about our past initiatives below.