AIA Agrees Exclusive Asia-Pacific Regional Partnership with Heritas-backed Holmusk

AIA agrees exclusive Asia-Pacific Regional Partnership with Heritas-backed Holmusk. AIA will  leverage on Holmusk's innovative and data-driven approach to health management to deliver a wider range of health coaching tools and solutions to AIA customers. 

"Congratulations to the Holmusk team! Heritas has backed Holmusk since its pre-Series A fundraise and we are proud of and aligned with its mission to transform the lives of people through innovative and data-driven approach to chronic disease management.

Holmusk’s ability to scale its high quality digital solution, in partnership with leading insurers like AIA, to address unmet needs in chronic disease management such as diabetes is particularly relevant in the context of under-resourced healthcare systems across Asia," says Chik Wai Chiew, Executive Director and CEO of Heritas Capital. 

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